Privacy by Blockchain Design

Privacy by Blockchain Design develops and consults on data privacy solutions for the disruptive and fastly growing new tech ecosystem thus reducing the risk of heavy fines of EU supervisory bodies and mislead investments into innovative but legally non-compliant products.

"Our goal is not merely providing GDPR-compliance for Blockchain, but rather using Blockchain to raise data protection levels in the digital world to new dimensions"

Christian Wirth & Michael Kolain

Privacy with blockchains: in our view, blockchains can not only be GDPR-compliant, they can also help raise data protection levels and truly give back data ownership to individuals. As such, we see the Blockchain as a great tool for privacy and want to encourage the industry to take the lead in this area.

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Blockchain Study about Blockchain by the European Parliament

The Study about "Can distributed ledgers be squared with European data protection law?" done by the European Parliament acknowledges our contributions to classify Blockchain as a case of Joint Controllership (Art. 26 GDPR), demanding and drafting a Blockchain-based system to monitor the data controller's compliance.

Journal of Banking and Financial Technology (Springer Verlag)

The Journal of Banking and Financial Technology (Springer Verlag) writes about our latest Paper: "Chrisitan Wirth et al., also showed [66] how blockchain design can be compatible with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act."

DSRI-Herbstakademie, „RECHT 4.0 – Innovationen aus den rechtswissenschaftlichen Laboren

Our Contributions regarding developments in the field of Multichain Architectures as well as the fusion between Tech and Law have been recognized in: Edgar Rose, 18. DSRI-Herbstakademie, "RECHT 4.0 - Innovationen aus den rechtswissenschaftlichen Laboren", Heidelberg, 6.-9.9.2017, in: Computer und Recht (CR) 2017, R124-R125.

DIN SPEC 4997 Privacy by Blockchain Design

A standardised model for processing personal data using blockchain technology

In collaboration with the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) our team developed the first worldwide standard of its kind on handling personal data using blockchain technology.

Scope of the DIN SPEC: This DIN SPEC establishes general principles for and methods of handling personal data in blockchain ecosystems. It specifies technical and organizational measures for data protection while taking into account the principle of "privacy by design" as well as specifications that are inspired by legal frameworks, such as GDPR. The document defines relevant terms for both technical as well as legal experts and establishes a methodological framework that helps to identify types of data (encrypted and not encrypted) as well as methods of data processing that lead to a positive or negative classification as "personal data" in blockchain scenarios. This DIN SPEC is aimed towards establishing a high level of privacy in blockchain ecosystems. This document is applicable to all IT systems using blockchain technology.


DIN SPEC 4997 Privacy by Blockchain Design: A standardised model for processing personal data using blockchain technology

Consulting for complex IT Systems and Data Protection

Consulting for complex IT Systems and Data Protection

We are offering consulting on the topics blockchain, AI, Robotics and data protection including health data. Let's get you ready for the information era! You have a highly complex IT infrastructure with a lot of newtech and concerns about GDPR? This is our specialty!

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Talks, workshops and seminars

Our interactive workshops and seminars are designed to get you what you need. We condense the findings of our research into engaging presentations, challenging exercises and educational content. Our audience has been very satisfied with the loose, funny presentation style and rated the delivered content as highly relevant and informative on previous events. Feel free to contact us regarding your needs. We would be delighted to tailor an event for you and help you become the tip of the spear in the field of data protection and distributed ledger technology.

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Getting your Blockchain GDPR bulletproof

Getting your Blockchain GDPR bulletproof

Educational trainings

We also provide trainings for Data Protection Officers, Chief Technical Officers or other professionals who want to deepen their knowledge about blockchain, data privacy and DPIAs. We cover topics such as (but not limited to):

  • General guidance for GDPR compliance
  • Privacy by (Blockchain) Design
  • Annonymity Assessments
  • DIN SPEC 4997

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Targeted advisory services

Both Blockchain and GDPR are brand new topics. We are therefore happy to listen to your specific needs and provide advisory services that help solve the unique issues and challenges you and your team are facing. Let us know what we can do to help you!

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Getting your Blockchain GDPR bulletproof